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The real-time app that enables better understanding of how people feel  so individuals and organisations thrive

Unleash Your People Power

Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Revolutionised

Emotie is a web-based 

app that transforms the way

managers and employees connect and communicate. The platform represents the pinnacle of performance management,

seamlessly integrating emotion into regular check-ins, performance evaluation, engagement, and wellbeing.


By encouraging employees to communicate the way they feel in an authentic, enjoyable, and spontaneous way, teams become more synchronised, managers become more informed, and individuals are better able to drive their own contributions to the organisation.


A dynamic yet simple engagement, wellbeing, and performance platform, that provides a live two-way user experience on desktop and mobile devices for maximum participation from users, anytime, anywhere.

Mental Wellbeing

With anxiety, burnout, stress, retention, and organisational distance all being stretched to the limits, Emotie is the solution for any organisation that wants to support employees and understand them fully as individuals.

Analytics and Insights

Flexible reporting at team, organisation, and individual levels. Generate reports and insights easily for reviews, meetings, and decision-making.

Emotie is essential for businesses or organisations of all sizes, from 5 employees to 5,000. With the paradigm shift towards remote work, cross-functional teams, and flexible structures, fostering continuous dialogues becomes imperative across all levels and departments.



Take a Closer Look

Are you ready to power up your conversations?

Our mission is to spark insightful and mindful dialogues between managers and their teams, moving beyond conventional performance metrics to embrace holistic engagement and well-being assessments.

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