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Empower your number one critical success factor...

Your people power

We set out to solve the single most difficult problem facing workplaces today: How can remote, hybrid, and distributed workplaces stay emotionally connected?

We knew there had to be a better way

Distant, impersonal HR processes have never worked, but they are now more costly than ever before as workers seek a healthy balance between individual expression and organisational belonging.


We have long suspected that something is missing in the management of people, specifically the performance and engagement processes, that draw conclusions from scant data and make judgments based on sporadic and occasionally inconsistent human interaction.


Emotie exists to solve the problems that organisations and employees alike have experienced for many years:


  • Inadequate performance appraisal systems that are clunky and time-consuming, not producing desired business performance outcomes.

  • Lack of meaningful and conscious connections and conversations between managers and employees.

  • Low employee engagement and retention.

  • High levels of mental health issues, anxiety, and stress in the workplace.

  • Greater organisational distance with remote working.

Are you ready to power up your people?

By prioritising people’s emotions, Emotie brings everyone into the heart of the workplace conversation, wherever they work, whatever their role. Whether at the head office, home office, front of house, factory floor, or on the road, Emotie draws people together and makes everyone’s voice and feelings count.

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