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Case Studies

Take a look at some real-world examples of how Emotie has made a positive impact on our clients' workplaces. Discover how Emotie's innovative approach to emotional engagement, wellbeing, and performance has transformed the employee experience across a diverse range of industries.


Discover how Assura PLC, a FTSE 250 real estate investment trust  underwent a transformative HR shift with Emotie and leveraged our emoji-based check-in system to streamline appraisals, boost employee engagement, and drive cultural change. Our real-time data insights were a game-changer.

Ultimate Agency, a Manchester-based media and technology company, thrives on excellence. Emotie's Feedback Module simplifies team dynamics, fostering open communication and boosting morale. With Emotie's Big Intentions feature, managers track individual progress and empower employees to drive their career development forward.


CamLab showcases a longstanding commitment to employee well-being and engagement. Emotie's innovative check-in system revitalises remote work culture, enabling CamLab to maintain a supportive environment. Through Emotie, they track emotions, fostering communication and addressing challenges, ensuring a thriving workplace culture.

Discover how Emotie transformed staff wellbeing at Abbey Gate College in Chester amid the challenges of education, including the COVID-19 pandemic. From overhauling appraisals to prioritizing mental health, learn how Emotie's innovative approach nurtured a supportive and engaged teaching community.

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