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Here's how it works...

9 dynamic modules

Emotie delivers a positive employee experience by building strong communication between employees and managers. Take a look at our nine step process.



Transform employee check-ins with relatable questions and 'Emoties' that capture feelings accurately, offering deeper insights into performance and well-being.


Enable employees to seamlessly receive and request feedback from colleagues at any moment, with a toggle option to disable the function to align with your business preferences.




Simplify reviews and replace cumbersome appraisals with swift, effortless conversations. Our rating system enables quick, accurate outcomes and decisions to be made.


Our flexible tool provides quick pulse surveys and more comprehensive engagement and wellbeing surveys, plus options to choose between anonymous or open responses.



Discussion 1:1

Dialogue between employees and managers flourish as they explore their Emotie ratings, discuss feedback, and address issues within a structured framework.


Our simple review process initiates discussions and consensus on a final Emotie rating, influencing pay, bonuses, succession planning, and talent management decisions.

Final Outcomes


Big Intention

Managers collaboratively define an employee's 'Big Intentions' to align goals with company objectives and values, enhancing performance and accountability.


Emotie's reporting feature provides flexible data analysis and insights, catering to team, organisational, and individual reporting needs.

Analytics & Insights


Development Intentions

Set development intentions, link them to competencies, specify timeframes, and define the scope, promoting clarity and accountability in goal-setting within our platform.


We prioritise client success and satisfaction by offering comprehensive training and ongoing support for the seamless integration of Emotie into your business.

Support & Training


By prioritising people’s emotions, Emotie brings everyone into the heart of the workplace conversation, wherever they work, whatever their role. Whether it's the head office, home office, front of house, factory floor, or on the road, Emotie draws people together and makes everyone’s voice and feelings count.

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